SharePoint 2003 – what would you like to know?

My Sharepoint presentation is running a bit long and I need to cut it down by a few minutes.  If you are planning to come & see it this Thursday at NJMSDEV  (or even if you aren't) which of the following is LEAST important to you?

1.  Walkthrough of Windows Sharepoint Services

2.  Walkthrough of Sharepoint Portal Server

3.  Common development tasks - Windows Sharepoint Services

4.  Common development tasks - Sharepoint Portal Server

Leave me a comment if you have an opinion on this...

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  1. SBC says:

    I work with WSS+Groove and it’s more prevalent than the Sharepoint portal (moreover, WSS is free!).

  2. Addy Santo says:

    Well, WSS and Sharepoint were officially released when – last week? the one before? The idea is to introduce developers to the new coolness 🙂

    Anyway I just want to get people’s input as to which areas most interest them for my upcoming presentation.

  3. David Scott says:

    I have participated in some prototyping tasks involving Sharepoint 2003 and the biggest stumbling block was trying to figure out what the difference between WSS and SPS was. Everyone I asked at MS gave a completely different answer. Just make sure you explicitly define where one ends and the other begins.

    I also agree that WSS is probably more important to dig into because it is free and therefore will be used more.

  4. Brad More says:

    WSS over Portal Server. Our initial experimentation is showing this product to be a nice addition to our arsenal of tools. And, as SBC states, the price is right!

  5. Yura2000 says:

    I’d prefer SPS. IMHO, there are more tools for developer.

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