Oh no, SelectSingleNode is evil!

I have been reflecting alot lately, however I was actually tipped off to this one via Lamont Harrington. Since it was news to me (and I’m typically not the slowest fish in the barrel), I find it worth mentioning: Decompile the XmlNode.SelectSingleNode method and you will get the following (Excuse my VB.NET): Public Overloads Function SelectSingleNode(ByVal xpath As…


“Software is like blood”

In this article, titled “Rise of Linux totally unstoppable” I found the following quote especially interesting: “Customers and governments will have to trust the software and the only way to do it is to show the source code, not just 90%. It’s like AIDS testing, you can’t say you’ve tested just 90% of blood”. That…


Random Thoughts

1.  On the dynamic SQL issue, I vote for Frans. I have architected and developed systems using both approaches, and the amount of time required to code, debug and maintain SPs just isn’t worth the marginal perf gains.  Enough said on that by everyone by now 🙂 2. I just re-read Don Box’s “Essential .Net” for the…


Locality of reference and performance : Things you hope you will never need to use

People who can measure their application data’s locality of reference using the CPU’S L2 cache scare me 🙂 Personally, I find the biggest single performance improvement tactic is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) which includes things such as using existing .NET library classes instead of writing your own (I am constantly suprised by how many people rewrite…


[OT] clueless tech correspondents :)

This guy thinks he is one of the first to review OneNote… Ya gotta love clueless tech correspondents 🙂   Chicago TribuneBy James CoatesThursday, November 13, 2003 After a few months of reviewing advance copies of Microsoft’s new business-strength Office 2003 software package, it’s this writer’s privilege to be among the first to review OneNote 2003,…


Sharepoint tip of the day

Actually this is more a Web Services tip, but what the heck –  When using the WSS Web Services, you will need to bind your proxy to the asmx file in the _vti_bin directory of the site you want to update. Meaning that to work with multiple WSS sites, you need to be able to dynamically…


VS 1.2 (Whidbey) start page?

Does anyone know how to reach the VS 1.2 Start page, or even better – how to change the default “profile” which defines the docking schemes and keyboard mappings?  


SharpReader – AlertNewItems Feature

The 0.9.3.* ver of SharpReader rocks, but when you update you might want to turn the “AlertNewItems” property default value to FALSE.  Or you can just watch herds of wild alerts stampede across your desktop 🙂  In my case I haven’t gone through the weekend posts yet so there were around 300 of them. I…


Bayesian filtering for annoying blog topics

Next time I find myself with a few free hours, I know what to do:  Take a Bayesian spam filter and modify it to do away with the following families of blog posts (which comprise 80% of my daily weblog intake): 1.   I just installed [Whidbey / Longhorn / Whatever] and it rocks! 2.  [name] …


New SharpReader – 0.9.3

SharpReader 0.9.3 is out.  [Luke Hutteman]: My favorite improvement: Memory consumption has been reduced by approximately 25%. Startup performance has also been improved.