my Muse on crack…

As a developer, these are the moments I live for:

Yesterday morning my Muse payed me an unusual visit while I was taking a shower.  One moment I was shampooing my hair, then suddenly I was hit by an incredibly detailed vision of how a key part of my project could be rewritten for better performance. I could literally see, line-by-line, the hundreds of lines of modified code and the new data structures required to make it work.  I rushed to work (rinsed my hair first though and put on a towel), jumped into my chair and by the end of the day it was complete:  Our mainframe parser, which had previously peaked at 10 pages/sec after many months of development and tuning, was running at over 60 pages/sec! 

I don't know what my muse was taking that day, but I want some of it too 🙂

Comments (3)

  1. I have my best ideas in the shower…. they always come there for some reason.

  2. It’s the walk to work for me…ah the power of the quiescent mind…also the reason I always carry a notepad and pen (fisher spacepen, don’t leak in your pocket or in the washing machine if you forget to remove them :-)).

  3. Fabrice says:

    It’s because of the sleep guys. Sleeping is our muse 🙂

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