BindingHelper source code – databind your winforms to arrays, public variables of classes, whatever

I was planning to wrap this in an article, but I'm woefully behind on my to-do list so I'm just letting it out as-is.  

The BindingHelper wraps data classes (anything from a simple array through web services proxy classes to typed datasets) and allows binding to the class variables as well as the public properties. You can then bind them to any winforms control which supports complex databinding, such as the datagrid.

 It works, is documented,  and has as much information on the undocumented “PropertyDescriptor” and “ITypedList“ types as I've seen anywhere else on the web, so it might be useful to people with advanced databinding needs.

You can get it HERE, and thanks again Roy for hosting it 🙂

Comments (4)

  1. Yura2000 says:

    Great and simple!

    How did u know how binding works under the hood?

    U’ve seat on it with Reflector? :-))

  2. Addy Santo says:

    Yes, without reflector I wouldn’t have gotten far. I decompiled the ITypedList implementations of various .NET classes such as the dataset to discover how they are called by the currencymanager. Anyway, it is one of those things which is nice to know…

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