MSDN Magazine . CHM

Hey, not only is MSDN Magazine available online, but it is even available online as a compiled CHM help file!  Cool! 

Check out the June , July and August editions....

<update 8/2004: These links are no longer active and have been removed>

Comments (7)

  1. z.zaw.htun says:

    i need to use msdn

  2. Mark Spaziano says:


  3. neo says:

    there’s others issues on-line:


    change the XX (03/XX/MSDNMag03XX.chm) to the specified month.


  4. David says:

    Hi. I backed up the MSDN URL to the Home page of the magazine. All of the issues ar available by year or by column. Here’s the link:

    Thanks for the tip. It’s a great resource.

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