May you(me) live in interesting times…

Well it's that time again - today is my birthday. 31 already. Time to look back, look around, look forward. This year has been pretty interesting for me so far-  after a few years of planning, my wife and I finally realized our dream of living in the US. We moved from Israel to the NY area-  selling our property,  leaving our friends and family behind in the process. (definitely a bigger than average red pill). I quit a senior tech/management position in a consulting firm, lost my MS email address, and returned to the trenches of design & development.  Breaking language and cultural barriers has been one of the many challenges, almost as difficult as getting broadband in Hoboken 🙂

Thinking back on how much has happened since January,  I wonder what the rest of the year holds in store.... 

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  1. Jeff Julian says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Roy Osherove says:

    Happy happy birthday!

  3. Jim Meeker says:

    Happy Birthday and welcome to the US!!!

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