Happy New Year! Welcome To Microsoft! Resistance is futile!

Yep, I got that warm fuzzy feeling which only an email titled “Welcome To Microsoft” can give 🙂 In mid January I’ll fly over to the campus for a NEO (New Employee Orientation) where I will get b0rg implants, have my personality matrix reformatted and recieve the official “Taking Over The World: Evil Empires for…


Productivity, ListViews, going dark and more

I haven’t been posting much lately, and chances are that I will go totally dark for the next few weeks. Bummer. But anyway, until I get back: 1. Improve your ListView performance –  instead of creating and adding ListViewItems in the same loop,  create an array of ListViewItems and add them in one step using…


To help or not to help [ when Microsoft asks for it]

Frans doesn’t like when Microsoft asks for help.  First of all, although I disagree with his opinion, I want to strongly protest the unfriendly responses to his post. Everyone should be able to freely raise issues and speak their mind without fear of getting flamed and trolled.  On second thought, I’m not even going to post…


Hello from the Sharepoint Airlift!

I’ll keep it short since the wireless network here is kind of spotty: Sharepoint developers can expect additional tools in the coming months, including import/export/migration tools (SPIN, SPOUT) and a Sharepoint Biztalk adaptor which can kick-off orchestration processes based on SPS events such as adding a list item. An impressive number of 3rd party vendors…


Sharepoint Portals + Integration Technical Airlift this week

I’m flying out to the Portals & Integration Airlift this week in Seattle…  Are there any other bloggers out there who plan to attend? Also, my social calendar while I’m there (all week) is kinda empty, anyone wanna get together to discuss .NET or maybe just do some multiplayer Halo??    


Oh no, SelectSingleNode is evil!

I have been reflecting alot lately, however I was actually tipped off to this one via Lamont Harrington. Since it was news to me (and I’m typically not the slowest fish in the barrel), I find it worth mentioning: Decompile the XmlNode.SelectSingleNode method and you will get the following (Excuse my VB.NET): Public Overloads Function SelectSingleNode(ByVal xpath As…


“Software is like blood”

In this article, titled “Rise of Linux totally unstoppable” I found the following quote especially interesting: “Customers and governments will have to trust the software and the only way to do it is to show the source code, not just 90%. It’s like AIDS testing, you can’t say you’ve tested just 90% of blood”. That…


Random Thoughts

1.  On the dynamic SQL issue, I vote for Frans. I have architected and developed systems using both approaches, and the amount of time required to code, debug and maintain SPs just isn’t worth the marginal perf gains.  Enough said on that by everyone by now 🙂 2. I just re-read Don Box’s “Essential .Net” for the…


Locality of reference and performance : Things you hope you will never need to use

People who can measure their application data’s locality of reference using the CPU’S L2 cache scare me 🙂 Personally, I find the biggest single performance improvement tactic is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) which includes things such as using existing .NET library classes instead of writing your own (I am constantly suprised by how many people rewrite…


[OT] clueless tech correspondents :)

This guy thinks he is one of the first to review OneNote… Ya gotta love clueless tech correspondents 🙂   Chicago TribuneBy James CoatesThursday, November 13, 2003 After a few months of reviewing advance copies of Microsoft’s new business-strength Office 2003 software package, it’s this writer’s privilege to be among the first to review OneNote 2003,…