you may obtain a .dstore related file system error when processing TFS cube

Recently we have seen a number of issues where TFS cube processing failed with a file system error. The error is always referencing the decode store (.dstore) of the primary key attribute (FileSK) of the “File” dimension. The error message typically looks similar to this: Exception Message: File system error: The following file is corrupted:…

SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU3 release fixes frequent SP1 issues

We normally don’t comment much on Cumulative Update releases since the best source for this type of information is the blog of the SQL server release services team : . However, adding to the SP1 issue that was described in previous blog by Guillaume Fourrat we observed two further SSAS related problems that affected several customers….

SQL 2012 SP1 : Recommended udpate.

Hi, Sorry for bringing up something not strictly related to our ‘cube world’, but more coverage can’t hurt here : If you have installed SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1, or if you plan to, it is highly recommended to apply a specific subsequent update as quickly as possible. This is announced on the official…

1 hour timeout for data refreshes in Powerpivot for Sharepoint

In the previous blog post I explained that we have a 1 hour timeout in Powerpivot for Excel due to the inherited default SSAS instance properties. Now you might argue that this timeout should not pose a problem in the Powerpivot for Sharepoint environment. After all we are using a standalone SSAS instance in Sharepoint mode….

1 hour timeout for data imports in Powerpivot for Excel

This article describes an issue you may face when your data import in Powerpivot for Excel takes longer than 1 hour. Typically you should not run into this type of issue because Powerpivot for Excel was designed as an interactive tool with moderate amounts of data in mind. 1 hour should give you ample time to import all…