Project Server 2007 – Configure OLAP cube when SSAS instance is clustered

Project Server 2007 – Configure OLAP cube when SSAS instance is clustered


Project server 2007 has two very good articles to configure OLAP cube  SSAS 2005 and SSAS 2008 for Project Server 2007.


But if the SSAS instance is clustered there are some points where extra information is needed.


The first point would be:

“Add the SSP account to the OLAP users group

When you  install SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services, a local group is created on the server that allows users to access it. This group is named
SQLServerMSASUser$<SERVERNAME>$MSSQLSERVER. You must add the SSP account
to this group.”


  •  In cluster installation of SSAS there is no local group called SQLServerMSASUser$<SERVERNAME>$MSSQLSERVER as SSAS uses predefined AD
    accounts or it can use service SIDs (in SQL 2008).
  • In this case it is enough to replace the group SQLServerMSASUser$<SERVERNAME>$MSSQLSERVER
    where you add the SSP account with the SSP account directly. Or if you want you
    can create the local group and follow the article , but with no impact on SSAS
    instance. It will be considered a regular local group.


The second point would be:

“Create a shared folder for the repository

You must create a shared folder in SQL Server 2008 Analysis
Services where the repository will be located. You also must make the shared
folder accessible to accounts that will need to access it.”

  • If you  are using Method 2:”Option 2:” Create the repository by using a SQL Server 2000 Microsoft Jet database”and  if the SSAS instance is clustered,
    in order for the folder to be accessible by the SSAS service, it needs to be
    created at cluster level:


1. Create a  folder named DSO9 (Share Name:
on the shared drive used by the Analysis Services cluster group

2. Open Cluster Administrator.

3. Find the cluster group you setup for Analysis Services.

4. Right click on the cluster group, choose Add, new resource

5. In the add new resource dialog, choose the resource type to
be File Share.

6. In the dependency window, choose the drive that is used by
the Analysis Services cluster group.

7. In the path window, put in the path of the folder you created
in step 1. You also need to give the name of the shared folder MSOLAPRepository$.

8. In the permission property, you need to grant permission to
the service account for Project Server SSP account (progress\progressssp) and
the service account for Analysis Services

9. In SQL Server Management Studio, in Object Explorer, connect
to Analysis Services, right click on the server, choose Properties, check Show
Advanced (All) Properties checkbox, find DSO\LocksDirectory and
DSO\RemoteLocksDirectory properties, put in the location of the cluster share


The cluster share resides on the shared drive in the cluster, so
it is always accessible regardless which node is active.




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