The mysterious ‘MD’ lock type, and why you should stop using sp_lock

Today during some discussions with customers, there was a question about some locks being held by a session. Here is an example reproduced below: begin tran select * from Person.Person where LastName = ‘Singh’ exec sp_lock @@spid Here is the output: spid    dbid    ObjId    IndId    Type    Resource    Mode    Status 52    11    0    0    DB                                        S   …


Error message “Copying cluster-resource …fssres.dll to C:Windowssystem32fssres.dll failed…” during SQL Server 2014 setup

First and foremost, let me reproduce the complete error message I refer to above: “Copying cluster-resource C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.SQL14\MSSQL\Binn\fssres.dll to C:\Windows\system32\fssres.dll failed because the destination file exists and is read-only” Investigation I received the above error message while setting up a SQL Server 2014 instance side by side with an existing copy of SQL…


Error message “Invalid column name ‘uses_native_compilation’” when scripting objects in SQL 2014 CTP1

Due to the In-Memory OLTP enhancements in SQL 2014, there is metadata support added in the form of a new column: uses_native_compilation in the sys.all_sql_objects catalog view. When you use SMO to retrieve a database object (typically when you script it using the SSMS Generate Scripts wizard, for example,) it retrieves properties from such catalog…


SQL 2014 In-Memory OLTP ‘Hekaton’: training videos and white papers

Personally, the feature I am most excited about in SQL Server 2014 is the In-Memory OLTP (codenamed ‘Hekaton’) feature. Since SQL Server CTP1 was released, a lot of my interactions with colleagues and customers have revolved around this new feature and the one question everyone has is, how do I get started? Well, here’s a…


SQL 2014 CTP1 Forum on MSDN

The SQL 2014 pre-release forums are now live on MSDN! Please post your questions / comments / feedback on the forum:


Error 41342 when creating In-Memory OLTP (‘Hekaton’) filegroup

A Twitter conversation unearthed a specific requirement of using in-memory OLTP features, namely the processor instruction set requirements. The user was trying to create a ‘Hekaton’ database using the sample script from here, and was getting error message 41342: The model of the processor on the system does not support creating filegroups with MEMORY_OPTIMIZED_DATA. This…