SQL 2014 In-Memory OLTP ‘Hekaton’: training videos and white papers

Personally, the feature I am most excited about in SQL Server 2014 is the In-Memory OLTP (codenamed ‘Hekaton’) feature. Since SQL Server CTP1 was released, a lot of my interactions with colleagues and customers have revolved around this new feature and the one question everyone has is, how do I get started? Well, here’s a readiness roadmap I have put together to help you!


Sunil Agarwal, Principal Program Manager from the SQL Server product team, has been one of the key people steering the work towards its eventual public unveiling in CTP1. I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with Sunil on a few occasions and I marvel at his passion and energy. He recently presented three sessions at TechEd 2013 North America, which are now available online, complete with slides and video!

A related set of deep sessions were delivered by Jos de Bruijn (also a key member of the Hekaton PM team) at TechEd Europe 2013. Jos is a PhD and his technical depth and passion to share information is clearly evident – take a look for yourself!


In-Memory OLTP Code Samples

Here are some useful samples from MSDN.


General Reading


Research Papers

All the inside scoops from the team which made it happen!

If you find more resources which you would like to share, please post a comment or contact me through this blog to let me know, I will gladly link them up in this roadmap!

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  1. Stephen Archbold says:

    Literally the most helpful article I have found in years! Thank you for taking the time to put this list together.

  2. Andreas Wolter says:

    Very nice collection. Thank you Arvind

  3. Thanks alot Arvind …. great collection for Hekaton

  4. Martin Smith says:

    Thanks, very useful.

    The Kalen Delaney link has been updated for CTP2 to download.microsoft.com/…/SQL_Server_2014_In-Memory_OLTP_TDM_White_Paper.pdf

    And I presume at some point will need to be updated again!

  5. Julián Castiblanco says:

    Thanks, very useful information.

  6. Rebe says:

    Nice Article! Here is also a very clear guide on what In-Memory(hekaton) is and how to use it, very recommended reading sqlturbo.com/the-use-cases-for-sql-server-2014-in-memory-oltp

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