“The operation has timed out” while using Power View in Excel 2013

This one is a quick tip. I recently upgraded to Office 2013 RTM and wanted to use the excellent Power View feature which is now an integral part of Excel! However, after I setup my tables (actually I used the Power Pivot data model) I was consistently presented with the below error message whenever I tried to open the Power View add-in: “The operation has timed out” with a title of “Power View error”.

If you encounter this, my tip to you is to reinstall the Silverlight runtime on your PC. I don’t know exactly why, but that was in some way causing the above issue. I hope it will save you a few hours of troubleshooting!

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  1. This also fixed the problem for me.  I uninstalled Silverlight 5 and reinstalled itm which then corrected the issue.  Thanks for the tip.

  2. George Yin says:

    I had the same issue.  I un-installed Silverlight and re-installed.  The PowerView add-in works in Excel 2013 for a day.  Then the next day, the time out error returned the following day.

  3. Glenn says:

    Oddly enough, I did a reinstall and it worked again… However after a reboot its back to this error.  A reinstall fixed it again and yet a reboot brought the error back.  Any idea of the root cause?

  4. sdhansen1344 says:

    This works for me, however it only works for 2 or 3 sessions of powerview, then the Time out message returns.  Any ideas?

  5. lost says:

    After installing silverlight it worked, but if I log off and then log back on, Power View no longer works,  any advice?

  6. power says:

    I have the same issue.  uninstall, reinstall silverlight, then it works for a little while.  reboot, then it stops working. or just works for some random time, then stops working.  HELP!

  7. power says:

    well, almost a month later, I think I found out why.  I hope this helps someone else.  in my case, it is a registry value called AllowLaunchOfElevatedTrustApps for Silverlight. A value of 1 fixed the problem.

  8. powerman says:

    HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeMicrosoftSilverlightAllowLaunchOfElevatedTrustedApps and set DWORD to 1

  9. Moonblink says:

    Thanks for the tip. changing that registry key and restarting excel did the trick here.

  10. Tommy J says:

    I set the registry Key to 1, but next time whien I start up my PC it,s jumped back to 0 and the  problem remains. Could it be due to admin rights?

  11. Tommy J says:

    I change the number to 1, but it keeps jumping back to 0. Any clue why? Could it be an admin rights issue?

  12. Eugene Bethel says:

    I have edited the registry key(s) noted and no matter what I am forced to reinstall silver light if I shutdown. That being said, even if these workarounds worked, how would a normal business user know how or even want to perform these changes. I cant have my users uninstall / reinstall silver light or change registry keys. Any word from MS on this?

  13. Keith says:

    Amazing ! That does work. Thank you for putting an end to tremendous frustration and hours of extensive troubleshooting power and powerman !

  14. rlev says:


    Changing the registry key worked for me.  Did not need to restart excel.

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