Where can I download SQL 2012 Upgrade Advisor?

This post is a really quick one… Let’s say you are planning to check your SQL Server and T-SQL code for any potential breaking changes in SQL 2012. So you use Upgrade Advisor. Let’s say you want to download it, rather than get it from the installation media (the MSI can be found under \Servers\redist\Upgrade Advisor path.)

If you monkey around with your favorite search engine (mine is Bing!) you may not find a download link which directly says ‘SQL 2012 Upgrade Advisor’. That is because the link to download SQL UA is actually under the SQL 2012 Feature Pack. Once you get to that page, look for SQLUA.MSI. Select the one as per the architecture of the machine where you are going to execute the tool (x86 or x64.) 

You may also need to install the Windows Installer 4.5 and the .NET Framework 4.0 if they are not already installed. Then install the SQLUA.MSI file… and you are done!

Comments (4)

  1. Papy Normand says:

    Thanks for the link "the MSI can be found under ServersredistUpgrade Advisor path".It is useful because it avoids to search inside all the folders of the media.

    I have read blogs.msdn.com/…/about.aspx. You are too much unassumissing : your articles are often short but with many useful tips

  2. nirav says:

    this is good tooll for migration

  3. carlos piturra says:

    Evaluar Migracion

  4. Beverley Brindle says:

    Required for various migration upto SQL 2012

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