‘No Disks suitable for cluster disks’: one more possible cause

Today in the lab I was working on a test 3-node cluster. I was using Hyper-V for this. We normally use the iSCSI Software Target for testing, so I had set that up on a central VM and then published the target to all the VMs.

The disks were seen in the disk management of Node1, and I brought them online, partitioned and formatted them. However when I used Cluster Management to add them to the Storage group, it complained:

‘No Disks suitable for cluster disks were found, For diagnostic information about disks available run the Validate config wizard’

I did run the cluster validation (storage only) and got no further inputs. Shortly after some troubleshooting I realized I had forgotten to configure the volumes at the iSCSI initiator on each node. The easiest thing to do for this is to click the ‘Auto-configure’ button:


Due disclaimer: This is just ONE, but not the ONLY reason for the above error message! This is somewhat specific to the iSCSI initiator, so only check it if you are using iSCSI volumes in your cluster and if you get the above message.

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  1. Jose says:


    Had few hours troubleshooting that issue on my VMware lab, two node cluster.



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