Performance Dashboard Reports in SQL Server 2008

While Activity Monitor in SQL 2008 does a good job depicting waiting tasks, top N queries etc.; many DBAs are simply too familiar with the erstwhile SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports. While officially Microsoft does not support the usage of these reports with SQL 2008, I found two links of interest which will help you get these reports up and running in 2008. But please keep in mind: this is AS-IS!

Link 1:

Link 2:

You have to perform BOTH the fixes to get the reports working. In Link #2, the specific place to look for is a comment which says ‘line number 3271’.

DO make a BACKUP of your recent_cpu.rdl file before you attempt the fix in Link #2.

[Update 26 Jun 2010] In addition, if you get an error related to an "overflow at runtime" then refer to the other fix in Link #2 above, the comment says 'Because DATEDIFF returns and int once'. Look for the fix from David.

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