My Favorite SQL Server Blogs

At our workshops and during other customer interactions, we are usually asked for links to good blogs and reading materials. Here is a list of my favorite SQL-related blogs, arranged in no specific order. Craig Freedman on Query Processing (QP) Plan cache, parameterization etc. Storage Engine Replication support team CSS SQL Support team Paul Randal with lots of tips Query Processing again Other CSS SQL Support team members Good series of posts on SQL Spatial features Our global SQL PFE team blog Good information on SSRS The SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT) Learn about the latest releases (Service Pack / Cumulative Update) from SQL product team

I will be updating this list as and when I remember / discover other useful blogs. I hope this is useful for the community!

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  1. dianefs says:

    Hi! I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you for sharing all of these. More power and goodluck!


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