Debugging Toolbox

This one is a quickie for an easy reference to most commonly used debugging tools and links. I hope you find it useful, and kindly indicate your feedback on this page by using the comments section or by rating the post!

Debugging Toolbox



Key Usage Scenarios

Download location


Interactive production debugging

Dump analysis

Local kernel debugging


Scriptable, low overhead capture of dumps


Low overhead interactive debugging


Scripted automation for capturing dumps


Can setup rules for capturing dumps in an unattended, logged-off scenario


Automated analysis of basic crash, hang and leak scenarios

SysInternals Process Monitor

Interactive process and thread level details


Handle usage


Listing services

Listing process tree

Listing which processes have loaded a module

Performance Monitor

Interactive display of performance data on the system (System Monitor)


Logged-off unattended capturing of performance logs

Shipped with the OS

Application Verifier

Enable various checks to trap deep rooted issues earlier such as


Orphaned critical sections

Heap corruption

Unsafe API usage

Simulate low memory conditions



Static source code analysis to detect potential buffer / stack overruns etc.

XPerf / XPerfInfo

Profiler / tracing of user mode applications



Automated capture of dumps



Leak diagnostics


Native code debugging sites and blogs


.NET articles:


.NET debugging blogs:

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  1. imRahulSoni says:

    Great list Arvind. Thanks for sharing.

    For debugging I would suggest one more…

    This is the blog of Tom Christian who is behind psscor.


    Rahul Soni

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