What is Cloud computing? – Public Cloud v Private Cloud

   This blog is part of series on Windows Azure – Step by Step guide for Designing, Developing, Deploying and Administrating a Windows Azure Applications. So if you are new to Azure and interested in exploring Windows Azure you may like to check this blog.  What is Cloud Computing?                                                                           To start with let’s understand what…


Windows Azure – Step by Step guide for Designing, Developing , Deploying and Administrating a Windows Azure Applications

 Cloud computing has a bright future and my strong belief is next decade will be of Cloud computing. Cloud Computing will bring lots of saving for organizations and is going to change the way how organization maintains there internal IT. They can not only save a lot of resources but more importantly can focus more…


Windows Azure – Building and Deploying Azure Web Application in 5 easy Steps

Hello,   In this session I will share how to Building and Deploying Azure Web Application in 5 easy Steps. Follow this video, in next few days i will share details steps in document formats. [View:http://blogs.msdn.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-blogs-components-weblogfiles/00-00-01-52-17/3005.Building-and-Deploying-Azure-Applicaiton-in-5-steps_2E00_.wmv]           Feel free to get back to me for your valuable feedback.    


Azure Scale Application – Increase Or Decrease the number of role Instance

Undoubtedly one of the best feature of Windows Azure is to allow you scale your hosted service based on demand by increasing and decreasing number of role instances part of your hosted service. This not only helps business with increases customer satisfaction but also save cost.   Behind the Scene This is achieved by defining the…


Windows Azure – Planning Architecture Compute, Database and Storage

Windows Azure has created lot of interest and folks are looking forward to move to Azure. I belong to Operation Engineer community and this community has lots of excitement over Azure because kind of scalability, fault tolerance and business continuity it provides is amazing. Top of that Azure made life easier as no more waiting…


Windows Azure adding multiple certificate to hosted service using powershell and C#

This article explains how to add multiple certificates to your Azure hosted service using C# or PowerShell. It also contains sample powershell code and C# code using REST API to do so.   Before you can use a Windows Azure service certificate, you must upload it to a hosted service. The following image shows the…


Azure Deployment issue – hangs with Status "Preparing to upload, please wait"

Recently we were deploying a hosted service deployment on Azure. Deployment hangs with status saying “Preparing to upload, please wait”. Unfortunately there is no message or event to show if the deployment is in progress or stop.   Issue We started with an Azure deployment and after some time (30 mnts)  i realized the status of deployment…


Windows Azure, Increase Cores count

Windows Azure Subscription comes with core limit of 20. Many times this becomes a limitation. Recently in one of our project we were looking for deploying multiple large instances of 5 hosted services we have deployed in our azure subscription. Using default quota of 20 we can not achieve this.   Issue  Default soft limit for…


Create Windows Azure Subscription

This topic explains the basics of Windows Azure subscriptions and describes how a technical staff can create and manage their Azure subscription.   Note – This topic does not explain how to sign up for a Windows Azure subscription or how an organization creates an enrollment for Windows Azure Services. For information about Windows Azure…


SQL Azure – List of tables with record count

Recently i was working in Data Sync issue and to check that we want to compare  list of tables in Hub DB and Member DB. I found it intresting that many of the sp and xps commonly used  till SQL 2008 is not available in SQL Azure. Issue – How to list all the tables…