Transcript of Solving Management Problems with Windows PowerShell

Along with Jeffrey, I presented Solving Management Problems with Windows PowerShell session at TechEd Barcelona.   Many people asked for the script examples  I used during the presentation. Attached zip file contains transcript as well as input files used during presentation.


Arul Kumaravel [MSFT]

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  1. icbanana22 says:

    Hi there- I am trying to create a program and I am very new at this! Please help.

    Using the mouse up and mouse down event I need to draw lines. The lines will begin where the mouse is pressed down and will end where it is released. Then I need to save the X and Y values of the mouse location when a button is pressed in two form level variables. In the mouse up event I need to create a Pen and use the locations from both the mouse down and mouse up to draw a line that connects to points. I really need help with this!!

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