Modifying Directory Service Objects with Windows PowerShell

Modifying an object is equivalent to writing an attribute to an existing object in Active Directory. If an attribute contains a value, modifying it will clear the existing value and replace it with a different value.   Typically, the type of modification you make to an object will depend on the type of object you…


WindowsITPro article on Windows PowerShell

Windows IT Pro Magazine has an article on Windows PowerShell Check it out. Arul Kumaravel Development Manager Windows PowerShell Microsoft Corporation

ADSI Scripting with Windows PowerShell.

We have made significant improvements in ADSI support in the upcoming release of Windows PowerShell RC2.  In this and future blogs, I will talk about how to use Windows PowerShell for ADSI Scripting.  Windows Scripting Guide 2000 provided scripting examples with VBS. The content for this blog is adapted from Windows 2000 Scripting guide.  …