What is Monad ?

Monad is the new command line shell developed by Microsoft.

Goal of Monad is to deliver an extensible scripting environment that is secure,interactive, programmable and production-ready to enable consistent and reliable automation of administrative tasks.

As part of Monad, We are delivering

  • A Scripting Language called Msh Script
  • An interactive shell  called Msh.exe
  • SDK to produce task-oriented commands and providers
  • A set of domain independent utility commands
  • A mechanism to do remot scripting.

Comments (5)
  1. Now if only you’d deliver a beta drop that runs alongside the NOV CTP. <grin>

  2. Remote Boom Request says:

    Does it come with dynamite belt?

  3. Remote Boom Denial says:

    Sorry. My mistake. Confused with Jihad.

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