Monad portal in script center

Most scripters are familar with Microsoft script center.  Script center now has a portal for Microsoft Command Shell.  You can access the portal at   -Arul  

Announicing public availability of Monad Beta

Folks,   Monad beta is now publicly available as part of  WinFx beta release.   You can get this beta at the following location    

Difference between $() and ()

 Today, I was writing some script to play around hash declaration.   My line of script to declare hash was   MSH>$a = @{(‘foo’ + ‘bar’) = 5)} MSH>$a.foobar 5 MSH> Then, I tried   MSH>$a = @{$(‘foo’ + ‘bar’)=5} MSH>$a.foobar 5 MSH>   That worked too.  So, what’s the difference between  ()  and $()  …


Monad WebCast

Jeffrey Snover, our architect, is going to give a web cast on Monad.  Please mark your calendars and attend these events.  You will get tons of information on Monad   TechNet Webcast: Next Generation Command Line Scripting using Monad (Part 1 of 2) Webcast: Next Generation Command Line Scripting using Monad (Part 2 of 2)


Monad Beta1 Released

After nearly nine months, the Monad team has released Beta 1 of the Microsoft Command Shell. Although initially promised for release at the end of the month, the Monad team has worked hard to release Beta1 to BetaPlace ahead of schedule!To download the new bits, please visit BetaPlace at Monad team and I look…


Wait is Over. Monad beta available

Time has finally arrived for people to get their hands on  new Microsoft Command Shell Code named Monad.  We will be releasing a beta version of Monad at our betaplace and  it will be available for download on June 21st.  Please see my blog  Where to get Monad?  for details I will start to write…

Where to get Monad?

Monad is currently in development.  A preview is available for those who are interested. To get Monad Preview 1. go to 2. login using  guestid mshPDC 3. You will get information to download the monad bits.


How to determine Monad version?

if you are running Monad and would like to determine the version of Monad you are running  then you can determing the version by doing the following   MSH>$host.version Major  Minor  Build  Revision—–    —–    —–  ——–1          0         224    0   This returns the version information.


Msh Language Quick Start

MSH LANGUAGE  QUICK START   Arithmetic Operators (also see Unary and String operators) + addition, concatenation – subtraction * multiplication, string repetition / division % modulus Array Comparison Return all elements equal to 3: 1,2,3,5,3,2 –eq 3   Return all elements less than 3: 1,2,3,5,3,2 –lt 3   Test if 2 exists: if (1, 3,…


What is Monad ?

Monad is the new command line shell developed by Microsoft. Goal of Monad is to deliver an extensible scripting environment that is secure,interactive, programmable and production-ready to enable consistent and reliable automation of administrative tasks. As part of Monad, We are delivering A Scripting Language called Msh Script An interactive shell  called Msh.exe SDK to…