Free English version of Windows PowerShell Course book

Frank Koch has translated his Windows PowerShell course book into English and made it available for free.  You can get the free book here   Arul Kumaravel Windows PowerShell Development Manager Microsoft Corporation.

How Can I Delete All the Duplicates in a Set of Processes But Keep the Oldest Process?

  This blog corresponds to the scripting guy column with the same title.   I am posting the script for doing the same with PowerShell 1: $processes = get-wmiobject -query “Select * from win32_process where name = ‘notepad.exe'” 2:   3: if ($processes.count -le 2 ) 4: { 5: return 6: } 7:   8: $datetarget…


How Can I Determine the Day of the Week?

  Hey, PowerShell! I have a script that does certain management tasks based on the day of the week. I know how get the date in a script, but how can I tell whether it’s a Monday or a Tuesday or whatever? This is very easy to do with Syste.Datetime class. param ([system.datetime]$date = $([system.datetime]::now)) $dayofweek…

How Can I Determine the Date for the Friday in a Given Week?

Hey, Powershell! Given a date, can a script tell me the date that the Friday for that week occurs?    Here’s a script that – given a date – will report back the date that the Friday of that week falls on:   param ([system.datetime]$date = $([system.datetime]::now))   $intday = [int] $date.DayOfWeek $intadder = 5…


How Can I Determine the Beginning and Ending Date of the Previous Month?

Hey, PowerShell! Given a specific date, how can I determine the beginning and ending date of the previous month? In other words, given 8/11/2005, I need to get back 7/1/2005 and 7/31/2005. Powershell provides access to .Net framework.  We can use .Net framework  DateTime class to solve the problem.  Let’s write a script to solve…

Transcript of Solving Management Problems with Windows PowerShell

Along with Jeffrey, I presented Solving Management Problems with Windows PowerShell session at TechEd Barcelona.   Many people asked for the script examples  I used during the presentation. Attached zip file contains transcript as well as input files used during presentation. ——————————————————————————————————————-  Arul Kumaravel [MSFT] Development Manager, Windows PowerShell, My PowerShell blog:


Windows PowerShell 1.0 Launched

I am here at TechED-IT Forum at  Barcelona, Spain.   Today, in his keynote address Bob Muglia, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Corporation, officially launched Windows PowerShell 1.0.  Jeffrey Snover showed an awesome demo of using PowerShell to manage IIS 7  in Longhorn  Server.     PowerShell has been multiyear effort by many members of Windows PowerShell…

Reading Attributes of Directory Service Objects

The previous blogs described how to create an OU, a user account, and a group, and set the description attribute on each of these objects. The next common task is to read an attribute of each object. Reading an Active Directory object’s attributes involves two simple steps: Connect to the Active Directory object you want…


New community project created for Windows PowerShell Extensions

We have worked with CodePlex team to create a new Community Project for Windows PowerShell.   Keith Hill, MVP for Windows PowerShell, will be the project coordinator.  Microsoft employees won’t be able to participate in the community projects directly due to legal issues. However, I sincerely hope that community participates in this project and contribute.  …

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