CapGemini Posts Review of Project 2010

CapGemini recently posted a comprehensive review of Project & Project Server 2010 that you can download and read. You can find the pointer along with excerpts from the review at


SharePoint 2010 End User Training and Help

I met up with Martin Harwar, SharePoint MVP & Solution Architect at Point8020, and he demoed  ShowMe for SharePoint 2010 that delivers premium SharePoint 2010 End User training and video help. It provides consumable help & training when end users need it on many SharePoint topics that helps accelerate adoption. I’m really impressed with how…


SharePoint, E-Learning and Silverlight

Happy new year everyone! I wanted to kick off the new year by highlighting a really innovative e-learning partner solution built using SharePoint and Silverlight technologies. E-Learning is something I’m hearing a lot more about lately and many customers have asked me how to approach E-Learning for their organizations. Point8020, a SharePoint partner, just released…


TechEd Europe 2005

It was great to see so many people at TechEd Europe. There’s clearly a lot of excitement for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio.NET 2005. Selfishly speaking, A LOT of excitement for SharePoint Products and Technologies & CMS. One of the repeating questions I received this week was the future of CMS. I said it…


SP2, CMS Future and Workflow partner

Quick blog entry: At TechEd 2005, I presented 3 sessions. 2 breakout sessions and 1 cabana talk. It was great to see the excitement around CMS and SharePoint Products and Technologies. In one of my sessions I talked about CMS SP2 and talked about the future of CMS. I crammed A LOT of information in…


SharePoint/CMS Demos

As of right now any Microsoft Certified Partner can request a license of Migration Manager from Metalogix for use in Sharepoint/CMS demos and proof of concept building. Use Migration Manager to demonstrate to customers the power of SharePoint Products and Technologies and CMS with their own content. Migration Manager Lets You: Migrate documents to SharePoint sites Migrate HTML content and documents…


SharePoint Partners

Over the past week, I met two partners. One while I was in Boston and the other today in Redmond. In Boston, I met with Certeon who is developing a SharePoint WAN acceleration appliance. A beta of their product is going to release soon. Definitely a promising technology that will help corporations with geographically distributed offices deploy…


Manipulating URLs with ISAPI Filter

If you’re looking to manipulate URLs with an ISAPI filter, check out


Telerik Component Update

The Telerik team has updated their edit control to version 1.2. It contains several fixes as well as support for XmlPlaceholder. Check it out:  


Workflow Partners

If you’re looking to extend SPS and/or MCMS workflow, there are several options. You can customize the workflow yourself, use BTS or use a partner technology. K2.NET and Teamplate are great workflow technologies for both SPS and MCMS. Recently, I came across another partner, Skelta who recently released their Beta of the Skelta SPS Accelerator. Check…