SharePoint 2010 End User Training and Help

I met up with Martin Harwar, SharePoint MVP & Solution Architect at Point8020, and he demoed  ShowMe for SharePoint 2010 that delivers premium SharePoint 2010 End User training and video help. It provides consumable help & training when end users need it on many SharePoint topics that helps accelerate adoption. I’m really impressed with how…


SharePoint 2010 Training and Resources

I’ve been on the road so I haven’t been able to blog recently. Needless to say, we’re super excited in Buildings 16 & 17 in Redmond that SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010 have officially launched! I’m in Russia right now to meet customers, partners and the SharePoint Community at large. I will write much more…


TechEd IT Forum

I just finished presenting the SharePoint kick-off session @ IT Forum in Barcelona. Here’s a pointer to my PowerPoint Presentation.


SharePoint Portal Servery Discovery Kit available

You can find the SPS 2003 Discovery kit at A few places in the kit, it assumes you have used the build book. For example, one of the utilities (sample code available) as the domain name hardcoded. You’ll have to change the value to make it work on your own server if you didn’t…


SPS Reports

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for some time, but just getting around to do so. Recently, we released a report pack for SPS that leverages SQL Reporting Services. You can download this at One of the best features is that it’s free! For the lazy who didn’t click on the link, the…


SharePoint SDK and Whitepapers

Randall Isenhour’s team is doing some great work at Microsoft for SharePoint developers. Check out some of the new things that they have released! Browse/View the SDK in the MSDN Library: Download the SDK: This upgrade includes more than 200 new topics, including: SQL Full-text Search Syntax Protocol Handlers Reference and Overview An…


Some new content

Over the last few weeks, Microsoft has released some very useful content. Two rather highly acclaimed pieces of content are: How to Customize Your Search Using SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SharePoint Portal Server 2003 End-User Training Kit


SharePoint Resources

I just spent some time adding links to my blog to some of the SharePoint resources. Take a look on the left hand side. There are a lot of resources, downloads, whitepapers and samples available out there… I’ll continue adding more links over time. Here’s a list of some of the whitepapers: General SPS 2003…


Telerik Component Update

The Telerik team has updated their edit control to version 1.2. It contains several fixes as well as support for XmlPlaceholder. Check it out:  


MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies training

You can now find training content for the MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies (“Spark“) at This file shows you how to setup the machine for training and includes training content.