The cost of software

As I suspected, some folks (based on feedback on the blog and email to me), made some points about cost – specifically, saying that SPS is too expensive. Above and beyond the points I made in my quite lengthy blog entry, fundamentally, you must ask yourself – “what exactly do you want to do today…


Why Choose Microsoft for your Portal?

Whether you’re a business or technical decision maker, it’s important to think about what’s important to your organization when making a software decision. For most companies, software is an enabler of business. That is to say, your company is probably not in the business of making/developing software, but rather using software to run your business….


conversation over lunch

We had a great summer in Redmond/Seattle this year…. but it’s coming to an end. It’s raining and the temperature is 61 degrees fahrenheit. As for lunch, I had lunch with an EBiz Specialist – Owen Allen. Owen’s planning to write some nifty sample for BTS 2004 and MCMS 2002. I’m looking forward to that. We…