MCMS Performance

I’ve seen a lot of requests around a whitepaper on performance and deployment. We have a greenbook that recently released that is available for download. Unfortunately, it’s not linked from the MSDN and TechNet sites just yet. 🙁 – I’ll ping the MSDN and TechNet teams. Of course, for more MCMS deployment information, there is a whitepaper…


conversation over lunch

We had a great summer in Redmond/Seattle this year…. but it’s coming to an end. It’s raining and the temperature is 61 degrees fahrenheit. As for lunch, I had lunch with an EBiz Specialist – Owen Allen. Owen’s planning to write some nifty sample for BTS 2004 and MCMS 2002. I’m looking forward to that. We…


Building Custom Placeholder Server Controls

One of my personal favorite features of MCMS 2002 is the placeholder framework – the ability to build your custom placeholder server controls. This is one of the most powerful features because it enables you to allow your content contributors to manage content that can live anywhere; you can style the content any how you…


MCMS Monthly Chats every 4th Thursday

Live Chat: Fourth Thursday of every month – 10 A.M. to 11 A.M. Pacific time. Meet the people at Microsoft who work on Microsoft Content Management Server. Web chats are your opportunity to interact with developers and program managers and ask your technical questions.