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SharePoint 2010 will be the biggest release of SharePoint ever. With the public beta out and the final release only months away (first half of 2010), it’s a good time to start learning about SharePoint 2010. This release, we have a lot of great content available early. I thought I would outline some of the key resources, training and documents available today. For SharePoint Conference (SPC) attendees, the below resources are in addition to the SPC content & resources.

Whether you are an end-user, architect, developer or administrator, I recommend spending the time to go over the Overview resources.


The first thing to do is understand what features & functionality SharePoint 2010 offers.

- I recommend watching Jeff Teper’s SharePoint Conference Keynote that provides a good high-level overview of SharePoint 2010
- I strongly recommend reading the evaluation guide end-to-end and taking a look at this PPTX deck.
- I also recommend reading Jeff’s comprehensive SharePoint 2010 blog post as well as my personal top few features 
- My SharePoint 2010 Overview session from the SharePoint Conference should be available shortly; when it’s available, I’ll update this post with a link!



Point8020 released 50+ free end-user videos that cover common SharePoint tasks @



- Check out the developer 2010 video & top features
- Check out the What's New in SharePoint 2010 for Developers clinic; a free 2-hour e-learning course
- Read the SharePoint 2010 Professional Developers Evaluation Guide
- If you’re new to SharePoint 2010 development, I recommend taking a look at the content at
- If you’ve been hands on with SharePoint 2007 development, I recommend taking a look at
- Download the SharePoint Developer Platform Poster
- Download the beta!
- Download the Hands-on Labs



- Check out the IT Pro 2010 video & top features
- Check out the What's New in SharePoint 2010 for IT Pros clinic; it's a 2-hour free e-learning course!
- Read the SharePoint Server 2010 Evaluation Guide for IT Professionals
- Take a look at the training and videos @
- Download the beta!



For those looking for instructor-led training, we will be launching 4 courses (2 for developers, 2 for IT professionals/administrators) in the SharePoint 2010 release timeframe. These courses will be available to Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (CPLS), and I expect these courses to be very popular and widely available. Along with the courses, we will have corresponding Technology Specialist & Professional exams for developers & IT Professionals/admins.

If you’re a partner, we are currently offering free SharePoint 2010 training (“Ignite”) and you can learn more information @ We are offering many different types of deliveries including instructor-led, virtual & online. I recommend talking to your local Microsoft partner manager for more information as the subsidiary/district your in might be running a local Ignite training course.


Other Content

You can download the SharePoint 2010 Virtual Machine here.



There are many ways to get involved with the SharePoint community! You can follow us on our team blog, join the SharePoint forums, join twitter and follow a number of community members, sign up for a search alert to track community blog entries and much more. Here’s some more information and pointers on our community page @ I also recommend connecting with your local Microsoft representative to see if you can get involved in a more local user groups. Some user groups are extremely active and a fantastic opportunity to meet new people & share ideas.



I expect A LOT of books to be available at release. For now, some of the best “books” are the 3 evaluations guides for the Overview, Developer & IT Pro investments:

- SharePoint 2010 Overview Evaluation Guide
- SharePoint 2010 Professional Developers Evaluation Guide
- SharePoint Server 2010 Evaluation Guide for IT Professionals

SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010 whitepaper is also worth reading:

- SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 Scenarios

For architects/developers wondering when to use ASP.NET vs. SharePoint, I recommend taking a look at the following two whitepapers:

- SharePoint Server 2010 as an Application Development Platform
- SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform


Recent Keynote Videos

- SharePoint Conference keynote videos
- PDC Keynote Video  (starts @ 1:57:49)
- PDC Walk-in video


Have a Question?

Ask your question in the SharePoint 2010 forums @ Folks from the SharePoint team, MVPs and general community are answering questions.

I plan to update this post as new things are available from now until release. So stay tuned!

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