SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek!

Today is an exciting day because we are announcing that SharePoint 2010 has reached the technical preview engineering milestone. We are sharing a sneak peek of SharePoint 2010 that you can check out @  (also announced it on the team blog). Check out the amazing videos we’ve posted, read the “Getting Ready” guidance & take a glance at the frequently asked questions we’ve posted. Tom, Richard & Paul have done a super job walking you through a glimpse of what’s in SharePoint 2010! We will go much deeper & broader at the SharePoint Conference.

I’ll write more later this week.


For those of you at WPC, I’m presenting a sneak peek session at WPC as well – so if you’re there, definitely come and check it out!

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  1. Isaiah C says:


    Your presentation at WPC was awesome.  Probably the best so far. Thank you so much

  2. pkanavos says:

    Just make sure you give the Preview to ALL MVPs so they can check it and and avoid issues like the trial activation bug.

    If you want to test Linq to Sharepoint, the Client Object model and Workflow you have to give the preview to all Developer MVPs.

    If you want to test AD synchronization, clustering, ease of deployment, administration features you have to give it to all IT MVPs.

    There are a lot of very talented people out there that can help you. Don’t turn them down.

  3. haim says:

    Sneak peek videos don’t get loaded on my browser and I’m using IE 8. Is this a silverlight issue ? I’m not even able to watch them to their second minute. It gets frozen with no error message. It would help if you could post the downloadable version.

    (Silverlight sometimes really does dissapoint)


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