Helping Fight Cancer

Hello everyone! I signed up to participate & run in the Seattle LIVESTRONG Challenge later this June to help raise money for the fight against cancer. I know friends who have fought cancer & I’ve had close family who were victims of it. This year, I’m committed to do my small part to drive awareness and help raise some money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You can find more information about the foundation at

I’m reaching out to folks to ask for a donation for this cause. Every dollar goes a long way! You can donate at


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  1. unrestsoul2001 says:

    Cancer is the most worst disease in this world . Even the world has made tremendous progress but we have still not been able to save life of innocent people. we all should make efforts in this regards.

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  2. pathmaker1 says:

    I’ve been supporting charities for a long time as I believe in pushing the cause to help the less unfortunate ones.

  3. Jason (RM) says:

    Good luck with the run Arpan, a very worthy cause. Have a good vacation in the UK. Hope it stays dry for you!

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