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I had an opportunity to meet the MVPs this week! Unlike last year, when I missed the summit altogether, I socialized at the paintball event hosted by a few MVPs last Sunday and attended the MVP/Microsoft dinner on Monday night. Members of my team, especially David Pae & Paul Andrew, were very involved as well as many, many others. It was a great summit and a special thank you to all the MVPs out there who not only attended all the SharePoint & social sessions, but also took the time to provide detailed feedback to Program & Product Managers. This is exactly what makes a great MVP.

Other news, well – there’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said on our team blog. I spend the majority of my time looking at SharePoint “14” so I’ll have a ton to share when the time is right. What I can do is reiterate what is public knowledge on SharePoint “14”:

- Visual Studio 2010 will support SharePoint “14” development. Soma did a rather detailed blog post recently on this topic.

- SharePoint “14” will be 64-bit only. So start building your SharePoint 2007 solutions using 64-bit hardware. VSeWSS 1.3 also supports development on 64-bit hardware using 64-bit SharePoint 2007.

- SharePoint Conference 2009 is the place to learn about SharePoint “14”. Richard Riley owns this conference and I guarantee that it will be a great conference; a great opportunity to learn about SharePoint “14” & connect with SharePoint experts at Microsoft, the MVPs, partners and customers.

- SP2 is around the corner. I can’t comment on the specific date, but according to the public statement we’ve already made, it should be expected to release by end of April.

- Get ready for SharePoint “14” today. Get on 64-bit & get on the latest platform technologies – server OS, DBs, et cetera. Also, get on the latest cumulative update to stay current.

Many folks have asked for a SharePoint Overview presentation that I use; here’s a link to the one I presented at the last SharePoint Conference. Feel free to use this to map your own IT strategy with SharePoint.

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  1. Mehul Bhuva says:

    Hi Arpan,

    I am a huge follower of your blog, and inspired by you i too have started my own blog on sharepoint.

    I have written a Small Case Study on Implementing Knowledge Management Portal using Sharepoint 2007, it is an honest attempt to share my knowledge to this wonderfull and ever-growing sharepoint community, here it is:

  2. Mon tout premier Summit s’achêve et déjà je regrette qu’il ait été aussi cours tellement il fut intéressant.

  3. Mon tout premier Summit s’achêve et déjà je regrette qu’il ait été aussi cours tellement il fut intéressant.

  4. uzziwozzi says:

    Thanks for posting your link Arpan. Brilliant presentation and will hope to use it soon!


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  7. Hi,

    it would be nice to get slightly more info on the roadmap (not having to get MVPs/MS friends in trouble for the NDA)

    I got a bunch on customers having to decide whether to put terabytes of documents into Sharepoint Records Management and as a MS Partner it would help to know of improvements around the Records Center and Storage (Filestream) of Sharepoint 14, so that projects can be started NOW and then upgrade to Sharepoint 14 asap.

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