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With the number of great SharePoint resources out there, it is sometimes difficult to find the specific resource or content that you need. Michal Gideoni and a partner released a great tool that's built on SharePoint for SharePoint.

The concept is very simple. The resource metadata (title, description, location, et cetera) in a SharePoint list and can be pivoted based on audience, level and other metadata. If you have feedback or suggestions on what else should be included, please be sure to submit it from the site. Here's the tool - check it out:

This is useful when you're looking for a specific type of content. Otherwise, I continue recommend these five great places (besides the SharePoint sections of MSDN, & TechNet) to bookmark for frequent updates.

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  1. AS says:

    How is this site different that SharePointPedia?

  2. Tom Resing says:


    Love your blog. Please keep it up.

    One question, though. What is the thing in your top 5? I can’t find any content at that URL. I found, but it looks like a very low traffic forum site.



  3. Check out

    It’s a custom search engine I created a while back  composed of SharePoint-based sites.  I know, it’s built the big mean G’s tech, but I’ve found it to be much more powerful, responsive, and easy to use than the custom Live Search functionality.


  4. pseale says:

    I would add Google Groups to your list of resources–I would say "try the Microsoft’s newsgroups page on" but their search box is broken, so use Google Groups instead.

    Also I’ll point out that the Technet forums have a working search that is mostly unindexed by search engines–so you’ll find stuff there that can’t be found on Google.

    Also I’ve found that searching my Google Reader blogroll yields the absolute best results for common issues, e.g. adding PDF support to SharePoint lists Steven Van de Craen’s page on the subject, which is 100% exactly what I’m looking for.

    Search boxes for many of these things can be found on a page I created (and need to update):


  5. pseale says:

    Re: Tom, should redirect to Technet, specifically:

    There is a lot of good content on there, at least as far as troubleshooting goes.

  6. EROL says:

    We manage a meeting on Search and MOSS + WSS in France the 24 of Jun at Paris. EROL MVP MOSS

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