My TechEd Orlando Presentations

I just posted my TechEd Presentations from TechEd Orlando. Incidentally, I'm going to start using to post presentations, screenshots and all other content I want to share. If you haven't signed up for Folders Live, check it out!

For those of you who missed my presentations, I did a couple demos that you probably haven't seen before. In the WSS session I demonstrated how you could use PopFly to 1) create mash-ups visually (without writing a single line of code), 2) use SharePoint data as one of the sources (a RSS feed specifically) and 3) how to embed the mash-up in a SharePoint site.

The other interesting demo I did was showing cross-browser authoring with FireFox enabled by the Telerik SharePoint control (this doesn't only work for structured WCM scenarios, but for wikis and blogs too!). This cross-browser RTE is free for all SharePoint customers. J

Ps> I'm taking this week off and heading to the East Coast for a short vacation…. I decided to catch up on blogging. J

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  1. Tried signing up for Folders but they are not taking new beta members 🙁

    Thanks for the piece about Telerick. That will come in handy.

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