Office SharePoint Server Evaluation Guide

I just got back from a very long vacation – I'll blog more about it later… but before I do that, I have to let you know that the Office SharePoint Server Evaluation Guide is now available. This is a great document for anyone who wants a good overview of Office SharePoint Server 2007. It doesn't cover every single feature, but it's a great document if you're looking to evaluate Office SharePoint Server and are interested in installing it. Check it out @

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  1. Alpesh Nakar says:

    Welcome Back!

    What a timing! I just emailed you yesterday!



  2. Arpan has blogged a link to the new SharePoint Evaluation Guide . Very cool stuff. Technorati tags: SharePoint

  3. EROL says:

    Nice doc, thanks


  4. Recommended Reading for March and April (click here for previous recommendations). Lots of useful content

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