I’ve been tagged – 5 things you may not know about me

Stefan Gossner, a friend and colleague of mine, "tagged" me as did Spence Harbar, friend and MVP. Basically, I have to say 5 things that people may not necessarily know about me. Since this isn't work related and I'm on vacation, I thought I'd go ahead and come up with 5. Here goes:

1. I've lived in many places. I've lived in 5 different countries, traveled to over 30 and I was born in Iran. Why Iran? My parents were there for a couple years for work... and I just happened to be born there! 🙂

2. I've met and spent time with Mother Teresa in 1990. The little time I spent with her influenced me in a number of ways. Though I don't consider myself religious (born Hindu), I do believe in animal rights (turned Vegetarian), have had an article published in a religious magazine in Hong Kong when I was in high school, and believe that everyone has a right to believe in whomever they want and whatever they want.

3. I speak 4 languages. I am conversational in English, Hindi (I can actually read/write as well!), Gujarati and French. I'm rusty with my French, but years of French pay off when I'm in France for more than a few days. My sister is fluent in 5 languages... Spanish being the 5th one.

4. I used to be a J2EE developer. That's right. 🙂 Even when I was developing J2EE applications, I used Visual Studio... I'm a strong believer that Visual Studio is the best IDE out there. I joined Microsoft in 2001 when I read about the vision of .NET.

5. Family and close friends come first. While I love what I do, family/close friends trump everything!

I'm not a big fan of "spam"... but oh well... I can't let this die here. I'm tagging Andrew Connell, Angus Logan, Saral Shodhan, Bob German and Joel Oleson!

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  1. Arpan Shah and Andrew Connell have tagged me in this fun game that has hit the internet. I’m really really

  2. Randy Schmidt says:

    I am very impressed. Mother Teresa is one of my heroes. Wish I could have met her.

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