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One of the questions I got asked frequently at the Worldwide Partner Conference is "How do I/how does my IT team get ramped up on SharePoint technology?"

I've outlined 10 steps that you and/or your team can take to ramp up. This is relevent whether you are new to SharePoint technology, an existing SharePoint customer or an existing CMS customer. Step #10 has a pointer to migration content for WSS v2/SPS 2003 and CMS 2002.

Pre-steps: If you're a developer diving into SharePoint 2007 technology, you must know ASP.NET 2.0 and be familiar with Windows Workflow Foundation. There's a lot of great content out on ASP.NET 2.0 including online training, lots of books, community websites and instructor-led training. If you're an IT Professional, you must be familiar with Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2000/2005.

1. Keep in mind that Beta 2 is available today and you can get access to it by going to You can get a lot of great documentation and content as well as the bits there! the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is part of 2007 Microsoft Office System and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v3 is part of Windows, but ships in the same timeframe as 2007 Microsoft Office System. We plan to release the software (both WSS and SharePoint Server) by end of 2006. So why is it called 2007? It's a common practice to name the product for the fiscal year that it's released. Microsoft's fiscal year is July 1st-June 30th.

2. Get the SharePoint Beta 2 Technical Resource DVD. If you didn't get it at TechEd or WPC, you should ping your Account Team for a copy of the DVD. It's partner/customer ready and contains videos, whitepapers, ppts, tools, product documentation and most importantly, a single Virtual PC with SharePoint Server installed. It allows you to explore the features and functionality quickly! Keep in mind this is timebombed and beta software so you should not use this in production.

3. We have 2 online eLearning "clinics" for developers and IT Professionals for WSS v3 and SharePoint Server based on Beta 2. This means a total of 4 SharePoint clinics for developers and IT Professionals. An online eLearning clinic contains a few hours of content and provides a great technical overview. Best thing: it's currently free. You can find pointers to all the clinics from

4. Subscribe to the SharePoint team blog. Read past posts. Use Outlook 2007 to subscribe to the RSS feeds! SharePoint team blog is located at This blog has posts written by feature Program Managers on specific aspects of WSS v3 and Office SharePoint Server!

5. Instructor Led Training (ILT) - a lot of companies want ILT. CTECs are offering the WSS v3 and SharePoint Server IT Pro clinic as an ILT course. Find out if there's a CTEC in your area that offers it. Talk to your account manager/technology specialist. The ILT clinics will cover more content than the online clinics of course. If your team is large enough, you may want to reserve an entire course.

6. Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) training. Yes. We will have it. We will also have developer and IT Pro exams. However, this will only be available at release. So, in the mean time, take a look at trainers who are delivering SharePoint VNext training now. An example of an excellent trainer is MindSharp.

7. Get connected with the SharePoint community! For pointers to popular blogs, newsgroups and sites, go to The site also shows the SharePoint MVPS - SharePoint gurus who you should connect with in your region. Also, check to see if there's a local user group that you can join. If there isn't one, consider starting one yourself. Ping me if you're interested in starting a SharePoint specific usergroup in your area. Take a look at the SharePoint Community Kit that Lawrence Liu has posted on CodePlex; here's a posting on it:

8. Virtual hands-on labs, MSDN/TechNet web casts and a lot more!  Check out the Channel9 SharePoint videos. This will be up shortly - in fact, web casts are happening already! We'll have labs on SharePoint technology hosted on MSDN/TechNet. Keep an eye open for this!

9. Attend conferences! The SharePoint Conference and TechEd US are already done. You might be able to order the DVDs. In any case, there are a number of other conferences with strong SharePoint content. Events include other TechEd WW (Fitz and I will be at TechEd Aus/NZ; Joel Oleson will be at TechEd Asia; a bunch of us will be at TechEd EMEA), SharePoint Advisor and Connections conferences coming up this year.

10. Starting developing/deploying and migrating to B2 in a small test environment. We will have upgrade guidance from B2 -> release. By no means should you deploy B2 software to a broad set of folks, but start playing around with it. Ask questions in the newsgroups. Share components on Sites to book mark include the SharePoint Developer Portal: and the migration center The migration center includes tools and guidance for CMS 2002, WSS v3 and SPS 2003.

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for this. I posted a link to this off of my own blog and will be pointing clients to it. 🙂

  2. Romeo Pruno says:

    VIA Arpan Shah’s Blog

    One of the questions I got asked frequently at the Worldwide Partner Conference…

  3. One of the questions I got asked frequently at the Worldwide Partner Conference is "How do I/how does…

  4. Shane Perran says:

    Great list of resources Arpan, I’ll be sure to point people this way.

  5. Thanks for the great info.  Definately a great resource.  I look forward to your future work.

  6. I’ve been getting quite a few questions recently asking about various aspects of the 2007 release of…

  7. I’ve been getting quite a few questions recently asking about various aspects of the 2007 release of…

  8. Terrific set of resources Arpan, you the man!

    Off topic, can anyone tell me where the default.master page is fro the "My Site" sites?  It uses a different page from the main site and application.master.  I have been looking all over and no one seems to know.

    Sorry to bring this up here but I have not been able to find the answer anywhere and I need it in the next 24 hrs!

  9. Arpan

    I forgot to ask…

    How do I get a hold of the "SharePoint TechEd DVD"?

    That sounds like it may be just the ticket for my master page issues desctibed above!

  10. farvashan says:

    Dear Arpan Shaah

    related to your post ( Item 7 ) i want to create a new user group communating about share point in my region. I can’t fined any group for Persian IT proffesional and I wanna ceate a group for it, what can I do?

  11. As you get ramped up yourself on SharePoint and start getting all the repeated questions on "how do I?" you might want to consider using Video Screen Capture to create short educational how to snippets. I have just posted a piece on how to do this at and will be posting how to upload, host, and link the content later this week.

  12. Here is an assortment of various 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Documentation / Reference Materials…

  13. SSGill says:

    Thanks Arpan,

    Are there anyway top-level System Architecture and software components diagram for SharePoint 2007 with Workflow.


  14. SharePoint Training Resources

    Arpan Shah has a Great Article Titled "SharePoint 2007 Training"


  15. Neil Haddley says:

    How can I order a copy of the DVD from the SharePoint Conference 2006?



  16. Microsoft PacWest SharePoint Server Newsletter – July 2006

     Update on Download Availability of…

  17. Dear Arpan,

    Hi. This is Tarun from MS Technology Private Limited. We are one of the ISV’s with Micrsoft and currently are ongoing a POC at MTC Bangalore.

    We are working on Document Imaging and are building a solution using Sharepoint. We use two platforms i.e., VC++ and Java.

    While working on SharePoint, we are facing some issues on the Java side and are looking for solutions for the same. Let me describe the scenarios below:

    The POC was to get an entire workflow around the Viewer to have a complete document management system and we are currently implementing the same using SharePoint Services.

    We dont have much time left at our end wrt the 2nd POC (it finishes on the 11th of August). So, I need your full co-operation in order for us to move forward on the same.

    the list of problems that we are facing at the time accesing the Microsoft sharepoint server and at the time of when we are sending SOAP reguest to sharepoint.  

    Note: We are using NetBean5.0 ID

    Problem 1:When we are accesing the Microsoft SharePoint server from other machin using java code.

    It throws exception :

          java.rmi.RemoteException: request requires HTTP authentication: Unauthorized; nested exception is:

           request requires HTTP authentication: Unauthorized

           at mst.ListsSoap_Stub.getList(

           at sharepoint.Main.<init>(

           at sharepoint.Main$

    In case we change the username and password of the remote machine as the sharepoint machine, it works fine.

    Problem 2:Problem during accessing web services of the sharepoint from other machine

    Few web service required a SOAPElement as a parameter in java whereas in .net that parameter is of type XMLElement.

    We are unable to find the exact structure of SOAPElement which we need to pass.

    At present we are passing the SOAPElement with the structure as follows:

    <Batch onError="continue">

    <Method cmd="New" ID="1">

     <Field Name="Title"> abc </Field>



    but we are getting the microsoft share point exception.

    Problem 3: In case when we are sending SOAP from the client machine it throws

    no serializer is registered for (interface javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement, {}GetListItemsResult )

           at com.sun.xml.rpc.encoding.TypeMappingUtil.getSerializer(

           at com.sun.xml.rpc.encoding.InternalTypeMappingRegistryImpl.getSerializer( :376)

           at mst.GetListItemsResponse_LiteralSerializer.initialize(

    We have 2-3 more issues regarding the SOAP message b’coz we d’not have the proper format of soap message which WSS understands.


    Arpan, you are requested to kindly assist us in solving out these issues so that we can move forward on the SharePoint.

    In case you need any further information or clarifications, kindly let me know.


    Tarun Kumar Lal

    Director – MS Technology Private Limited

    2 Community Centre

    2nd Floor

    Basant Lok

    Vasant Vihar,

    New Delhi – 110057

    Tel: +91-11-26155192


    (Direct): +91-11-41669399

    Mob: 9810399492


  18. If you want to get up to speed with SharePoint 2007, follow all the advice from Arpan Shah’s blog entry…

  19. Is it me or is the password specified in the setup document of the Technical Resource DVD for the MOSS 2007 Virtual Machine wrong?

  20. Very nice post Arpan! I get a lot of requests regarding this very same ramp-up issue. I also am in the midst of the 2007 push. I have piece milled some lists, but your’s is the most comprehensive list that I have seen. I will post this on my blog as well and give you the appropriate credit.

    Again, Nice job,


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  23. Amanda Murphy has listed some of the learning resources for MOSS 2007:Andrew’s Extensive WCM Resource…

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  25. A partner asked me about the best technical resources for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and

  26. 2007 MOSS Resource Links (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) Here is an assortment of various 2007 Microsoft

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