TechEd 2006

TechEd 2006 is going to be a BIG event for SharePoint technologies. It nicely falls in the same timeframe as the public beta for Office 2007 which includes Office SharePoint Server 2007. Windows SharePoint Services v3 public beta will also be available in the same timeframe. The fact that it happens to be in Boston this year doesn't hurt eirther.

We have 20+ SharePoint technologies related sessions. Folks like Mike Fitzmaurice, Joel Oleson, Richard Riley, Lawrence Liu, Bob German, Bill English, Todd Bleeker, John Nisi, Mitch Prince and Andrew Connell will be at TechEd. The session list is very impressive and we're planning to have some great giveaways that every developer and IT Professional will want: a technical resource DVD for Beta 2 that contains tons of useful content.

Top ten SharePoint sessions (actually 12 if you count part 1 & 2s) that I'm excited about (not exact titles):

1. WSS v3 Overview (Fitz)
2. MOSS Overview (Fitz)
3. Client Overview
4. Enterprise Search (English)
5. WCM Features in MOSS (German, me)
6. SharePoint Dev I, II (Bleeker)
7. Deploying and Administrating I, II (Oleson, Nisi)
8. Doc Management and Records Management (me)
9. CMS Migration (Prince, me)
10. WSS v2/SPS 2003 upgrade to WSS v3/MOSS 2007 (English)

What's the point - sign up for TechEd if you're interested in SharePoint technologies. More than the sessions, it's an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of the "SharePoint guys" and ask them questions about the next version. If you're located in Europe, we will run many of these sessions at TechEd Europe in November and have a lot of folks from Redmond there as well.

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  1. EROL says:

    Great I hope I will be at the TechEd 2006. Monday I’m at the DevConnections in NICE  EROL MVP SharePoint FRANCE.

  2. Shane Perran says:

    Seems it’s ramping up to be a lot of fun.  I had a great time last year in Orlando as well.


  3. For all of you going to TechEd 2006, be sure to stop by my session on Monday around 3pm (I forget the…

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