Webcast for the future of Microsoft CMS

A few weeks ago, we announced Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 has the next generation web content management capabilities. Furthermore, it's not just WCM anymore.

At public beta, slated for later this year, we are going to release information on how CMS customers can get ready for Office SharePoint Servers. In fact, we're going to present a few sessions at TechEd 2006 in Boston on this topic.

As a first step to explain what Office SharePoint Server 2007 means for CMS customers, we are presenting a webcast. If you are a CMS customer, you must view this webcast. This webcast won't be super technical but is a good overview of what the future holds as a CMS customer or partner. Sign up right now- it's this Tuesday - March 7th.


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  1. dalmuti509 says:

    Great webcast today.  

    A couple of questions:

    since SPS will not support VS 2005 for page layout creation, how will applications and web services built on top of CMS with code behind and custom page types be able to be ported to SPS 2007?  

    Will there be support for code behind in Sharepoint Designer or will we be forced to use code in front?

  2. zdwell says:


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  3. ArpanS says:

    You will be able to write code behind but that will be a developer task vs. something you would do with the SharePoint Designer. We will be sure to provide more guidance on this in the future.

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