TechEd US and EMEA

I'm going to be presenting at TechEd US and EMEA. I'll post my session titles and descriptions up in the next few weeks. If you're going to be in Orlando or Amsterdam, let me know. Drop by my session, listen to what I have to say, possibly learn something too. 🙂

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  1. Angus Logan says:


    Feel free to webcast it too so I can watch 🙂

    Are you coming out to Australia to do TechEd AU?


  2. Spence says:

    I’ll be in Amsetrdam again – hope we can catch up.

  3. I’ll be in Orlando and hope we can catch up. Looking forward to find which sessions you’re presenting! Heck, looking forward to setting my entire calendar 🙂

  4. Rob Rohr says:

    I’ll be in Orlando as well. I attended Patrick Gaul’s CMS Best Practices talk on the last day of TechEd last year and it was the most useful talk I’ve attended in all the TechEd’s I’ve attended. (It was just before I started our conversion from ASP/MCMS 2001 to ASP.NET/MCMS 2002 in earnest).

    Now that I’ve been chewing on .NET for a year, it will be great to view a best practices session through the lens of experience.

    I’m glad MCMS isn’t disappearing from the schedule, although the past few years have shown a drop in the number of sessions.

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