SharePoint SDK and Whitepapers

Randall Isenhour's team is doing some great work at Microsoft for SharePoint developers. Check out some of the new things that they have released!

Browse/View the SDK in the MSDN Library:

Download the SDK:

This upgrade includes more than 200 new topics, including:

  • SQL Full-text Search Syntax
  • Protocol Handlers Reference and Overview
  • An expanded introduction to SharePoint Portal Server
  • Expanded Concepts and Architecture section with new topics about

o        Profiles and Personalization

o        Search

o        Enterprise Application Integration

o        And more!

Also published recently on MSDN:

o        How to Write a Back Up and Restore Application for SharePoint Portal Server 2003

o        Branding a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Site: Part 1, Understanding the Use of a Corporate Brand

o        Branding a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Site: Part 2, How to Apply Your Own Corporate Brand

o        Tips for Enhancing the Accessibility of SharePoint Web Sites

o        Checklist for Testing SharePoint Web Parts

o        How to Customize Your Search Using SharePoint Portal Server 2003

o        Architectural Overview of Windows SharePoint Services



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  1. So most of us know that an update was release last week to the SharePoint SDK – but Arpan has a nice listing of what was actually updated including a listing of other new SharePoint content released by Microsoft….

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