Tsunami Relief

The Tsunami destruction here has been devastating. Over 140,000 people are reported dead in several countries with the toll still rising; over 95 quakes have been recorded in the last one week since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake.

I encourage everyone to make a donation to help the victims of this terrible tragedy. To get more information, please visit http://pmindia.nic.in/relief.htm.

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  1. Waves of fury beating on the shore,

    Unimaginable heights terrify us to the core.

    Man, woman, child it holds no discrimination,

    Leaving behind utter chaos and mass devastation.

    Suffering, bereavement, misery and sorrow,

    How long must we endure this horror.

    Lives lost, businesses perished and wrecked homes,

    Stench of doom, still growing in loom.

    What can we do in times like this,

    Should we just stand by and not assist?

    Please give your means to those in need,

    This is the time to do good deeds.

    Lastly, please say a prayer to all survivors of Tsunami,

    May they have the strength to overcome this catastrophe.

  2. Michael Maurer says:

    Hello. I received this from a good friend. Please help if you can.

    Dear Glennis;

    This is Geoffrey Barton. I’m the Volunteer Minister In Charge in India and

    we are desperate.

    50,000 dead and a million homeless. There are 2 of us and a team of Tibetan

    Buddhist monks we trained headed for Chennai. Please get your whole group

    to help us with money for food, train fare, and mattresses.

    We need $5000 as soon as possible as we have to support the team.

    I’ve got materials and a huge group moving. Help is on the way but we need

    funds so badly.

    Geoffrey Barton

    You can contact the Volunteer Minister HotLine for information on donations:



    1-800 435 7498

  3. A place where they talk about tsunami and what we can do….and will continue to talk about it long after people have forgotten about it….

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