Article for The American Dream: Is It Over?

I wrote an article for an online magazine, GenerationIndia, 15-18 months or so ago. You can find it in the past issues section of the website today. Several folks have asked me to post it elsewhere since the website requires you to register. Well, here it is. Even though it’s 1.5 years old, the content…


The American Dream: Is it Over?

In the year 2004, while most of the world disagrees with the United States’ decision to go to war with Iraq, why are so many Indians still so eager to come to the United States? If you ask the average educated person in his 20s in urban India, he will tell you it’s for “opportunity”….


Microsoft CMS Futures

I did a presentation at IT Forum, at Barcelona, on the future of CMS and SPS shortly after the release of CMS SP2. I wanted to spend some time writing about the next version as well as highlighting great CMS resources for CMS developers and IT administrators. The FutureBased on feedback from you, partners and analysts,…


Longer Term View of Software

Happy holidays! I took this week off – seriously – with minimal interaction with work. I’ve already spent a few days with family and friends, and I’m really looking forward to the following days. Over the last several weeks, I was in Barcelona talking to customers and partners. Before that, I had meetings with folks…


Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server SP2

For those of you still a little unclear about what SP2 of WSS and SPS support, take a look at this article CMS customers: has been updated with pointers to the CMS 2002 SP2 and other articles relevant to the future of CMS such as the ECM whitepaper and the Reusability whitepaper on…


Bill and Melinda Gates, Bono – People of the Year

I think that’s a great. I think Time magazine made an excellent choice. Those of you who remember, my post on Aprl 26th actually points out how I think Bono and Gates are doing a fantastic job helping those who are less fortunate than others. There are many people with enough money to give to…


post comments directly

I was cleaning out my inbox when I noticed that the majority of my the emails that folks have sent over the past many months via my blog went to my junk mail. So if you were wondering, “Why isn’t Arpan responding to my email?”, it’s because I never saw it. There were over a…


Presentation Tips

There are some people who were born to present. Some people that come to mind are don box  from the Indigo team and mike fitzmaurice from the SharePoint team. In fact, awhile ago, I remember don had posted a blog entry on presentation tips to a developer audience. I, on the other hand, wasn’t born…


personal vocabulary

I spent last evening with a couple friends of mine: Rishad Wadia and Uma Lakhani. We had dinner at an Indian restaurant in downtown Seattle. We were in our own little world when we realized there were people in the restaurant who didn’t quite understand what we were saying. It seemed almost Seinfeld… when we…


Adopting Enterprise Software

A commonly asked question by customers is “How do I get my end-users to use the technology?!” This question is applicable to any enterprise software – .NET, J2EE, Client, Server, et cetera. In fact it transcends technology – it could be a process. Technology, or anything for that matter, is as good as people use…