SharePoint Extranet Solutions

Yes. You can deploy SharePoint solutions on the Extranet. I know several small and large customers who either have deployed a SharePoint solution externally or are in the process of doing so. A few months ago, we released a whitepaper relevant to partners and customers who want to deploy WSS on the Extranet. You can…


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We hosted an Architect Portals Bootcamp last week in the Seattle area. I was impressed with the different projects the architects were involved with. However, one thing that I did notice, based on comments and questions some of the attendees had when I spoke to them, is that many folks out there are not familiar with…


Election Talk

I’m not a republican. I’m not a democrat. I’m an American. I became a naturalized citizen a few years ago. I’m a proud American who believes in this nation, its people and the opportunity that it offers. However, I’m still surprised at some of the “unexplainable” aspects of the American election process. Here are three…


Some new content

Over the last few weeks, Microsoft has released some very useful content. Two rather highly acclaimed pieces of content are: How to Customize Your Search Using SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SharePoint Portal Server 2003 End-User Training Kit