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About 2-3 months ago, my sister sent me Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. Over the last couple months, I read his other 3 books as well: Deception Point, Angles and Demons, and Digital Fortress. If you're a techie and looking for some intelligent fiction, I highly recommend his books. They are extremely addictive! If you've never read any of his books, here are my favorite books in this order: Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code (similar to Angels and Demons), Deception Point and Digital Fortress.

Unfortunately, he has only 4 published books as of now... so I recommend pacing yourself. 🙂

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  1. I ran into the same problem 🙂 I read them all in less than a month.

  2. Try Decipher by Stel Pavlou – very much in the same style…

  3. Dan Abbott says:

    They’re really fun books, and reading them puts the bru-ha-ha over the Da Vinci Code into perspective. Brown strikes me as someone who believes everything he reads on google — I’ve learned super-cool things like where the name Antarctica comes from, and howlers like Catholics stole communion from the Aztecs (?!?).

    The only thing that really irks me is that his pattern is so predictable. He uses the same stereotypes in every books — arg!

    Upshot: fun books, laid-back author,

  4. Zirakzigil says:

    They’re good books and excellent page-turners, but, in my opinion, not <i>great</i> books. If you want a great book in the same genre, try "Foucault’s Pendulum" by Umberto Eco.

  5. I also couldn’t put Da Vinci Code down, but I have to say I didn’t find Digital Fortress as enthralling. Reading Deception Point now 😉

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