TechEd 2004: MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies

I'm presenting a break-out session at 5:30pm in room 7AB on May 26th. If you're at TechEd, want to say hello or even learn a little bit about how you can integrate SharePoint Products and Technologies w/ MCMS, attend the session! Of course, this assumes you are familiar with MCMS and WSS/SPS.

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  1. Aviv Raff says:

    We are trying to display a MCMS customized template inside a SPS area centered zone.

    Unlike spark, we would like to preserve the MCMS style and looks, and also we would like the displayed zone to automatically adjust its size to the dynamic content of the MCMS.

    Currently we are using a simple IFRAME, which does the job apart from the dynamic sizing adjucment, due to the different domains of the SPS and the MCMS.

    Do you know of any solution for these issues?

  2. Arpan Shah says:

    IFrame is the approach I would recommend.

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