MCMS Performance

I've seen a lot of requests around a whitepaper on performance and deployment. We
have a greenbook that recently released that is available for download.
Unfortunately, it's not linked from the MSDN and TechNet sites just yet. 🙁 - I'll
ping the MSDN and TechNet teams. Of course, for more MCMS deployment information,
there is a whitepaper on MCMS
deployment with AC
which is linked from the MCMS TechNet site that you should
check out.

Abstract of the Performance Greenbook.

Demonstrates how to plan your MCMS 2002 deployment to maximize performance, how to
estimate site capacity with transaction cost analysis, and provides best practices
and instructions for installing an MCMS 2002, 13-computer, 3-tier, sample, secure
deployment that can easily be scaled out to meet the needs of your enterprise. Additionally,
it provides troubleshooting tips and answers frequently asked questions about installing
and using MCMS 2002.

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