Welcome to my blog. A little about myself… I’m a Technical Product Manager for Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) and SharePoint Portal Server (SPS). I work in Redmond and live in downtown Seattle. Though I’m not a Seattle native, I have grown to like Seattle and have become used to the never ending drizzle. Why…


MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies Tutorials now available for Beta!

These tutorials are aimed at developers to help them get up to speed on the MCMS 2002 Connector for SharePoint Technologies. These should be used with the beta which can be found on Betaplace (linked from http://www.microsoft.com/cmserver). Shortly after final release, we will make the final training available on MSDN/TechNet. Available at: http://www.gotdotnet.com/Community/UserSamples/Download.aspx?SampleGuid=FAF3C673-F779-4E6E-975B-F8681FD1E06E


Mark Harrison’s Blog

Mark has a blog up – subscribe to it! http://blog.markharrison.co.uk



Two of my closest friends share a common birthday: Mitesh Shah and Srikant Sarda. They’re both in NYC. Neither of them work for Microsoft, but Mitesh does quite a bit of work with Microsoft server technologies; Srikant, on the other hand, doesn’t.


webcast typo

I just read a comment for one of my blog entries. The MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies webcast is available at http://www.microsoft.com/usa/webcasts/ondemand/2283.asp. I have already corrected it – thanks for pointing it out. I originally had the URL to my own webcast. Which makes me wonder – I can edit my blog entry and it…


3rd Party MCMS Resource Site

I came across a great 3rd party MCMS resource site. Check out http://www.harbar.net/mcms/


Webcasts next calendar half

We’re planning to have several webcasts early next calendar year including topics on MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies, partner technologies such as Equilibrium, CScape’s MCMS Wizard, Metalogix, Teamplate and more. If there are specific topics you would like to have covered, leave me a note.


MCMS Samples

I just went to GotDotNet today after a couple weeks and found that there are now 61 samples thanks to recent uploads by Stefan!