Upload display templates to all sites in your SharePoint Server 2013 farm using PowerShell

In SharePoint Server 2013, display templates are used to control how content is displayed in the Content Search Web Part and the Search Result Web Part.  You can read more about how display templates work in the these blog post: – Upload and apply display templates to the Content Search Web Part – Understanding how…


“There are no addresses available for this application” error while installing SharePoint App

Probably the most common error which you will see when will try install SharePoint App in on-prem environment is “There are no addresses available for this application” The reason is missing some required configuration like services and settings. The error can be seen in both cases when you try to deploy app using PowerShell or Application…


How dangerous can be “public const” while upgrading or fixing a component.

During my investigation I have noticed a source of potential problem for product upgrade where dev team should fix a bug or upgrade a component and distribute it. So what will happen when during fix/upgrade process (I will call it upgrade) a value which was declared as public const was changed. For clear understanding we…

SharePoint 2013. How to force whole list or library to be re-crawled by search

It is a new feature which was presented in SharePoint 2013 which allows to force search service to re-crawl whole list or library regardless if items where changed or not. Items will be picked up by full crawl any way but if will be marked for re-crawl they will be crawled also during incremental crawl….


Teched 2013 days are announced

Great news! Teched Europe and North America are announced  and registration will start from Feb 12 2013 So TechEd North America will be in New Orleans, LA, June 3 – 6 and TechEd Europe in Madrid Spain, June 25 – 28   For more info visit http://www.msteched.com/  Stay connected https://www.facebook.com/TechEdEurope and https://www.facebook.com/teched            

Valid HTML markup automation, leads to better cross browser compatibility

In short: Having bad HTML to look nice needs more efforts than creating valid HTML which will look nice and  be compatible.    It took some time for me to investigate how to force development process to increase the quality of HTML markup and minimize cross browser compatibility issues in web UI development.   HTML validation…