VSTS Guidance

A few years ago, patterns & practices published a book entitled Team Development with Visual Studio .NET and Visual SourceSafe.  The book offered solid advice for teams developing software atop .NET using Visual Studio and Visual SourceSafe.  It covered things like structuring solutions and projects, setting up a build process, working with source control, and…


Unit Testing Goes Pro!

According to Naysawn Naderi, VSTS PM for Developer Oriented Testing, “the majority of the unit testing features of Team System” will be available in the Pro level SKU with the upcoming release of Visual Studio Orcas. This is fantastic news because it will put XUnit style unit testing functionality in the hands of more .NET…


Team System Roadmap

Also announced recently, for those who missed it, was our Team System Future Releases Roadmap.  The roadmap contains detailed information about the upcoming Visual Studio Orcas release, as well as a high level discussion of Rosario (the Team System release after Orcas).  Well worth the read.

Microsoft Acquires TeamPlain

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced this week the acquisition of DevBiz Business Solutions, makers of TeamPlain Web Access for Team System.  Brian Harry has all the details.  The best part?  Existing Team Foundation Sever customers can download and use TeamPlain for free!