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Agile 2007: Reaching New Heights – Learning to Adapt

In her opening keynote, Susan Ershler told the autobiographical story of her experiences climbing Mt. Everest.  It was an entertaining talk.  But, relating the subject matter to the Agile community was a bit of a stretch. The primary message of Susan’s talk centered around her tag line:  “Project, Prepare, Persevere.” Project – Envision where you…


More to come!

I’m still working on my posts summarizing the Agile 2007 sessions.  But, I’m also trying to ship some updates to the TFS process templates right now.  I’ll kept good notes.  So, the conference may be a faint memory, but I will get my thoughts up here. In the meantime, check out this summary of summaries…


Tuesday @ Agile 2007

Tuesday saw the opening keynote by Susan Ershler, as well as the beginning of the vendor talks that I organized this year.  Here’s the full list of sessions I attended: Reaching New Heights: Learning to Adaptby Susan Ershler Agile Tooling: A Point, Counter-point Discussionby Ryan Martens (Rally) and Ron Jeffries Agile Practices in a Distributed…


Agile 2007: The First Thing to Build – Trust on Agile Teams

Diana Larsen is a special sort of nut.  She’s an organizational development and communications expert, not a technologist.  Her sessions touch on many of the softer skills necessary to thrive on a team (any team, not just an Agile team).  I’ve been seeking out and attending Diana’s sessions since my first experience with her and…


Agile 2007: Having Fun with Rails & Agile Development

In 90 minutes, Garg, Matt and David built a working web photo sharing web site.  Garg played customer.  David played whip-cracker (um… PM), and David did all the heavy lifting with Rails. This talk was a high level introduction to the speed and power of Rails as a development environment.  As such, I found most…


Monday @ Agile 2007

The conference is organized a bit differently this year.  The only thing going on this morning is registration.  So, I checked in and scanned the program guide for sessions I’d like to attend.  There are too many good looking talks, this year!  I hate that!  How can I ever get to see all of them. …


Agile 2007

I will be attending Agile 2007 in Washington, D.C. next week.  In my capacity as Vendor Talks Chair, I will be moderating the vendor talks in Meeting Room 3 on both Tuesday and Thursday.  Drop me a note if you’re attending the conference.  I’d love to meet you and find out about your experiences with…


Update: Iterative and Incremental Development

I am enjoying the copy of Visual Studio Team System: Better Software Development for Agile Teams by Will Stott and James Newkirk that I picked up the other day.  So far, it is doing a good job of both explaining Agile and how an Agile team might use VSTS.  They’ve even gone to the trouble…


Definition: Iterative and Incremental Development

Agile software development methods are often described as being forms of something called iterative and incremental development (or, IID).  But, what does that mean?  I went looking for an answer recently, and was surprised to find a single, simple definition elusive. Wikipedia defines IID this way:  (from Wikipedia: Iterative and incremental development, accessed on 2007.07.25…